Photo: Sign Theatre Aotearoa Masterclass Performance Film

We had an amazing time running the first professional Masterclass training in Sign Theatre in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Co-led by Deaf and hearing practitioners Denise Armstrong and Dr. Laura Haughey, supported by Mihailo Ladevac, the training took place in the Playhouse Theatre, Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand in April 2019.

Here is a glimpse of the performance made over the 3 days with a very talented group of Deaf performers. Drawing on important personal stories from each participant, the performance was crafted into a Sign Theatre performance for a mixed Deaf and hearing audience in Hamilton.

Equal Voices Arts would like to thank the NZ Deaf community for their support – your stories need to be shared!

Thank you to the NZSL Board and the University of Waikato for their support with this project.

Thank you to our Deaf/hearing producing team of Rachel Turner Fahey and Kayte Shaw.

Film by Archie Porter and Kaitlin Stewart.

Music by Andy Duggan.