Photo: And the reviews for ‘At The End Of My Hands’ are in!


‘At The End Of My Hands’ toured New Zealand in 2016. We enjoyed seasons in Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton, as well as performing excerpts at the NZSL Awards at Te Papa, and at the Arts Access Aotearoa awards ceremony at Parliament in Wellington.

Here are some excerpts from reviews..

‘Beautifully staged and heartfelt’ (Mark Houlahan, Theatre Review)

‘If you welcome diversity within your world, this will enrich it. If you fear diversity, At the End of My Hands will move you on to a happier place’. (John Smyth, Theatre Review)

‘That is where At the End of My Hands – an Equal Voices Arts production directed by Laura Haughey – has achieved what it hoped to do so beautifully. It has taken worlds that have historically been positioned as things that cannot co-exist and overlaid them on top of each other to make a new picture’. (Saran Goldie-Anderson, Theatre Review)

‘At the End of My Hands uses the differences we define ourselves by to find the universal experiences that show us how much we are the same. It asks us to listen, to try and understand, and it leaves the whole audience, Deaf and hearing intermingled and alike, with the desire to talk’. (Saran Goldie-Anderson, Theatre Review)

‘Presenting the two languages (NZSL and English) on an equal footing, the production suggested that theatre can provide a unique medium for staging the encounter between spoken and signed languages, and that the stage, as a site of gestural and embodied expression, permits the two languages to become mutually intelligible. In this, it represented a threshold for inclusive theatre in New Zealand, as well as an exploration of the ways in which the New Zealand context can contribute to international trends in Deaf and inclusive theatres’. (Alys Moody, Theatre Journal)

Photo: Kelly and Shaun