Photo: Thora Hübner

Thora Hübner

Performer/ devisor.


Thora is a highly skilled Deaf interpreter and a lecturer in NZSL at AUT. She also works as an NZSL Senior Tutor in Specialist Teaching of Deaf and Hard of Hearing at the University of Canterbury. Her first language is German Sign Language and she is fluent in NZSL. Thora is passionate about raising the profile of NZSL and Deaf culture. Thora began working with Equal Voices Arts in 2019 at their Aotearoa Sign Theatre Masterclass for Deaf participants and quickly demonstrated great talent. She has been training with the company ever since. Thora is now excited to be part of their next original dance theatre production ’Where Our Shadows Meet’, and Equal Voices Arts are so privileged to work with her!