Photo: Dr. Laura Haughey

Dr. Laura Haughey

Artistic Director


Laura started her theatre career aged 17, touring in the UK and Europe with a Deaf – led dance theatre company, performing on international stages in both British Sign Language and English. She combined her theatre and dance work with a physiotherapy degree and a year of specialised anatomy training to enhance her understanding of the body. Her PhD found the site where the two passions of arts and science were combined in the field of psychophysical performance training.

In her work, Laura loves examining how we communicate through the body, and finding new creative possibilities working across languages and cultures. She is interested in how embracing diversity can impact positively on creative approach. Her research interests are in working across languages and cultures, inclusive theatre practice and neuroscience.

Laura has taught internationally, in conservatoires, drama schools and universities, and is now based in New Zealand convening the Theatre Studies programme at the University of Waikato. Since arriving in New Zealand, Laura has directed and devised two large scale original theatre productions, working with Deaf and hearing actors. At The End Of My Hands toured across New Zealand in 2016, and Salonica toured internationally to prestigious theatres such as the National Theatre in Belgrade in 2017, then in New Zealand in 2018.

Laura has recently been awarded with the inaugural ‘NZSL in Arts’ award, presented at Parliament in May 2018.