Photo: Where Our Shadows Meet – Kirikiriroa Hamilton Premiere – January 2021

We were excited to premiere our new touring work in Kirikiriroa Hamilton in January 2021, ‘Where Our Shadows Meet‘.

Performing to a full d/Deaf and hearing audience at the Playhouse Theatre, the piece was the result of a long international collaboration with an international Deaf and hearing team.

Due to COVID restrictions, our Sign Theatre expert Denise Armstrong (UK) joined our rehearsals in Aotearoa New Zealand via the wonders of zoom! It meant late nights for Denise, who worked into the wee hours of her morning to join us in rehearsal. Despite these challenges

Denise worked closely with performer and co-deviser Thora Hübner and our NZSL Consultant Rachel Turner to develop the Sign Theatre in the piece. Denise also supported our hearing performers, Mihailo Ladevac and Cian Parker throughout the process.

We are excited to introduce newcomer Thora, and this marks Thora’s first performance with the company.

We are also pleased to celebrate Cian joining the company for this performance, where she joins as a performer/deviser and producer.

Also joining us for this piece is musician and composer Dr. Jeremy Mayall, who plays piano live, following the action on stage.